Ajudamo-lo a conseguir o que precisa

Nunca foi tão fácil adquirir o equipamento e camiões de que necessita, quando necessita. Através dos nossos cómodos serviços para os compradores pode financiar, transportar, restaurar e proteger as suas compras de equipamento.

Financiamento e alugueres

Financie até 100% das suas compras sem entrada e beneficie das reduzidas prestações mensais com os Serviços Financeiros da Ritchie Bros.

Dealer Financing Solutions

Get the equipment you want and help your customers get what they need with fast, easy financing solutions for dealers and resellers.


Use the convenient online shipping service to get shipping estimates or arrange for equipment transport.


Add value to your equipment – have it cleaned, repaired and painted by the experts at Ritchie Bros.


Purchase low-cost transit insurance and on-site property insurance and make sure you're covered all the time.


Protect yourself against costly repairs and have peace of mind after the auction with a Ritchie Bros. warranty on select equipment and trucks.


Prepare o seu equipamento para a venda no recinto de leilões.

Currency Exchange Service

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services Currency Exchange calculates your purchase amount due in your home currency, and lets you lock in that exchange rate. Use that rate when paying via wire transfer at your financial institution of choice.