Why more private equipment sellers are switching to Marketplace-E

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Selling heavy equipment and trucks online

Trading risk and effort for ease and security.

From advertising effort and costs to dealing with potential buyers to making sure you get paid, selling heavy equipment privately can quickly become a full-time undertaking - and one that’s fraught with risk with tens of thousands of dollars at stake.

That’s why more and more people are choosing to make the selling process easier, less-stressful, and more financially rewarding by selling on Marketplace-E, our 24/7 online equipment marketplace. Here’s a look at the many advantages Marketplace-E offers over private sale or self-listing.

Selling heavy equipment and trucks online

Less hassle, less time spent on the selling process

Selling on Marketplace-E means you hand off all the effort required in selling to a team of experts who are focused on getting you the best results. It all starts with expert pricing advice based on our unmatched data and decades of selling experience. We’ll also advise on the best selling format for your equipment and/or situation: reserve auction, make offer, or buy now pricing formats. We administer your listings, photos and all info and our Marketplace-E Specialists then go to work matching equipment with qualified customers, answering equipment questions, and managing offers. You can sit back and leave the selling to us, all without having to move your equipment – just sell it where it sits!

More exposure to more buyers

One of the biggest costs of private sale – both in time and money – is marketing. That’s why one of the biggest advantages of selling equipment via Marketplace-E is access to Ritchie Bros.’ massive buyer database and global audience. There’s really no better way to get more eyes on your equipment, and all our marketing is included – there are no extra fees or costs for this service. More eyes means more demand, more competition, and better returns for you. You’ll benefit from our industry-leading marketing vehicles like targeted email campaigns, paid web ad campaigns, and social media promotion, as well as cross-promotions on the Ritchie Bros. family of websites, to name just a few.

Selling heavy equipment and trucks online

More privacy, less risk

Protecting yourself when selling privately can have its challenges with unknown people walking onto your property to see what you’re selling to the risk of a financial scam when it’s time for the money to change hands. Selling on Marketplace-E means you avoid all those risks. With our team handling the sale, buyers don’t contact you directly, your equipment address is not disclosed, and our online inspection reports mean in-person buyer inspections are not required.

When a sale is successful, we also manage the transaction securely and handle all of the admin tasks like lien searches, titling/transfer of ownership and more. You avoid the paperwork and you can be confident your funds will be in your hands within 15 business days of the sale completion.

If you have used equipment or trucks to sell, talk to the experts at Ritchie Bros. about selling on Marketplace-E. We help thousands of customers sell safely and securely every year.

For more information, talk to your Ritchie Bros. representative.

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