Ritchie Bros. Asset Valuator now part of our FREE Inventory Management System

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Heavy equipment pricing and valuation from Ritchie Bros.

Quickly get the latest value estimates for equipment & trucks in your fleet inventory.

Ritchie Bros.’ innovative, FREE Inventory Management System (IMS) is designed to make asset management and disposition easy and efficient. You can upload your entire fleet, with photos, detailed equipment info, and more into one easy-to-use online platform, accessible via your desktop computer or mobile device.

Now, we’ve added our innovative Ritchie Bros. Asset Valuator as an included tool with the IMS. With just a few clicks, you can see Average Prices for equipment in your inventory based on up-to-date transaction data of items sold through Ritchie Bros. over the past two years, including site auctions (Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers), weekly featured auctions (IronPlanet), and our 24/7 online marketplace (Marketplace-E).

If you want to drill down deeper, you can also filter your pricing results by ‘Model’, ‘Manufacturer Year’, ‘Meter’, ‘Features’, ‘Sales Region’, ‘Sales Channel’, and more. You can also search equipment items by Brand Name, Model, Manufacture Year, and Meter.

Heavy equipment pricing and valuation

RB Asset Valuator also includes global transactions, currency conversions, multiple languages, and is updated daily to give you the most accurate pricing estimates possible.

With our IMS, your entire organization will be able to see your fleet, see where assets are deployed, research equipment values, and sell assets via our multiple sales channels with a click of a button.

Contact your Ritchie Bros. representative today to request a demo and learn more about how our free Inventory Management System can make your job easier – and your business more profitable. Or visit our website to request a demo of the software.

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