Life at Ritchie Bros.: discover a Sales career.

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Life at Ritchie Bros.: discover a Sales career.

Meet Jean-Loup, he thrives in Ritchie Bros.' Sales Department. You can too!

We sat down with Jean-Loup to discover how he developed his Sales career at Ritchie Bros.

Tell us why you joined Ritchie Bros.

While earning my Masters in Marketing Management, I had the opportunity to travel to different countries and to meet different people. Joining a company like Ritchie Bros. was the perfect way to stay in the same dynamic.

How did the Sales Graduate Program help you become a Territory Sales Manager?

The Sales Graduate Program covers all aspects of the Territory Sales Manager position. It trains you in equipment inspection, deal calculation, cold calling, prospecting, how to drive machines, safety inside and outside of the auction site, and of course the sales auction and machinery business. I am lucky to work for a company which prides itself in providing all of these learning opportunities. I can say with confidence that the Sales Graduate Program helped me to be more successful in my career.

A thriving career in Ritchie Bros.' Sales division

Tell us about your role as a Territory Sales Manager.

I am responsible for the industrial and agricultural equipment sales for the South West of France. My role is to manage a portfolio of buyers and sellers. I develop my relationship by emailing, phone calls and visiting customers as much as possible. You train as a bid catcher, prepare the auction with the yard team, ride along with other Territory Sales Managers in your country and sometimes travel to other auction sites on the continent. The program encouraged me to remain entirely focused on customers.

What kind of services do you provide customers?

Clients contact me for different reasons: they are retiring and need cash, looking for logistical solutions or looking for international exposure. With the support of our marketing team, I advise customers on selling, shipping, repairing and selling their equipment to achieve the best price possible.

In your opinion, what are the requirements to be successful in this role?

I am passionate about what I do. Through the Sales Graduate Program, I've learned that you can never think of a solution to address a problem if you don't identify the problem. Like any successful relationship, it is important to be open-minded, patient and truly listen to our customers to propose the right solution at the right time.

What do you love about the auction experience?

It is an entertaining event, and you are part of building that excitement as customers compete for once-in-a-lifetime auction items. Ritchie Bros. is a company that provides incredible exposure to this industry and the ability to learn from different cultures and different ways of working.

What do you love about the auction experience?

Whether you have experience in our industry or not, Ritchie Bros. provides incredible career opportunities. Start making an impact now.

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