Here’s How We Flex Our Marketing Muscle for You

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Examples of Ritchie Bros.’ global digital marketing

Driving Global Demand For Your Assets Through Digital Marketing Channels.

When you sell with Ritchie Bros., you benefit from the expertise of one of the industry’s largest, most experienced marketing teams, giving your equipment unequaled exposure to worldwide buyers online. AND all your equipment marketing is included as part of your contract. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for our unparalleled global exposure. But what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to digital marketing? How do we get your equipment in front of enough of the right people – buyers who need and want your machine?

Marketing Push Begins Immediately

After you’ve consigned items, we compile asset descriptions, pictures, and perform inspections – which are critical for getting you the best results possible. We use your consignment’s info to segment and target online audiences based on the asset, trends, and interests, incorporating the latest techniques to reach as many online buyers as possible through channels like search engines, websites, mobile applications, advertising, email, content marketing, social media and video.

How Digital Marketing Drives Buyer Awareness

Our marketing strategies are based on data and metrics to maximize the exposure for your asset. The goal is to expose your asset to the widest and most interested audiences possible who have the highest likelihood of purchasing. This includes connecting with existing buyers, as well as seeking out and attracting new buyers.

Examples of Ritchie Bros.’ global digital marketing

How We Advertise Your Assets – Digitally

Ritchie Bros. is a 24/7 marketing juggernaut. Using targeted, strategic marketing plans and multiple advertising vehicles, we don’t just attract more people, we attract the right people – motivated buyers in your industry. Here’s a look at some highlights of our marketing efforts when you sell with Ritchie Bros.:

Cross-Promotion on Multiple Websites

Your equipment will be cross-promoted on multiple websites, including and (incl. Marketplace-E), plus other syndicated listings for maximum exposure of your assets.

Search Engine Marketing

Buyers searching relevant keywords in Google will see ads for auctions and events featuring your assets. It has the potential to reach millions of users each month around the world!

Retargeting Ads

Customers viewing assets on will continue to be shown advertisements of those consignments, or similar, while visiting other websites.

Email Campaigns

Items are featured in email sent to our registered customer base which directs them to our website to view details and bid online

Digital Brochures

Our interactive digital auction brochures are published online and delivered to 1000s of interested buyers. They can even click-through links that bring them to the equipment item page online for faster bidding, watchlists and more.

Examples of Ritchie Bros.’ global digital marketing

Social Media Marketing

We’ll create ads on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to find people interested in your equipment. Paid advertising on Facebook allows Ritchie Bros. to target potential buyers specifically within the industries we serve.

The Right Campaigns for the Right Buyers

Our global marketing gives us the ability to reach and engage online buyers around the world and drive demand for your equipment. But Ritchie Bros.’ marketing efforts don’t end with each sale, we are constantly innovating the way we connect with prospective buyers looking for assets. In 2020, our combined marketing efforts drove:

  • 140+ million visits to our websites
  • 24+ million equipment searches on our mobile app alone

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our decades of experience marketing and selling equipment and trucks for customers around the globe, and learning more about all the options we offer, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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