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The fast-paced fun of online bid catchers.

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A crucial component of the Ritchie Bros. auction experience is online bidding. It's what makes our auctions truly global, as buyers from around the world participate in live onsite equipment and truck auctions through our online user interface.

Although you might assume online bidding is an automated function, it's in fact facilitated by a group of specialized bid catchers at our head office in Burnaby, BC. Known as an Online Bid Catcher, or Internet Auction Coordinator, this fast-paced and highly-focused position is sort of like air traffic control for the auction world.

Internet Auction Coordinators, Natasha and Connor spoke with us about this unique position and why they like being at the center of the auction action.

"My confidence grew. My attention to detail improved immensely.""

online bid catchers at Ritchie Bros.

Natasha has been with Ritchie Bros. for five years and she first learnt about the position from a relative, who also worked for the company. When she first stepped into the "e-pods" – an online bidding command center – she was a bit intimidated. However, she quickly found her footing.

"When I first started, I was super-shy and I barely talked," Natasha recalled. "But I focused on what I needed to do and my confidence built up over time. And my attention detail improved immensely because you can't zone out with this job or you'll quickly lose pace."

Zoning out means not keeping pace with the Auctioneer during the live auction. Natasha must listen to a live auction, stay atop of the bid increments, all while relaying online bids to Auctioneers. When she receives an online bid, she will "yelp" to the Auctioneer and they will up the current bidding price.

"It can be a real adrenalin rush when you're bidding for a customer on a million-dollar lot," says Natasha. "I'm very competitive and I get excited when an online customer wins the lot."

"When I first started, I was nervous. Now it's second nature."

online bid catchers at Ritchie Bros.

For Connor, it was a similar transition as Natasha. He went from feeling intimidated by the pace of the Auctions to feeling totally confident in his work, due to the extensive training provided. Connor, joined Ritchie Bros. a year ago, and feels he has developed many important skill to continue his growth in the company.

"My communication has improved and my confidence too, I'm not afraid to speak up." he says. "I remember when I first started, I was so nervous, my palms were actually sweating. Now it's second nature to me, like walking almost, you just do it."

Connor also enjoys being at the crossroads of a global company and functioning as the conduit for international buyers.

"It's a global company, so when the bids are coming in you can see where they come from – Thailand, India, Poland, anywhere. You can see that a bidder in China is going against a bidder in Vancouver. It's really fun to be a part of that."

A winning position for gamers.

Both Natasha and Connor play Xbox in their spare time and both can see a correlation between playing and thriving at internet bid catching.

"Being able to watch the screen when you're playing and being able to see different things, is the same thing for being in an e-pod – you need that hand-eye coordination," she explains. "It's really cool. When people see this, where we work and how we do it, they always say the same thing - Wow!"

Are you interested joining Natasha and Connor? For an even better idea of what this fast-paced, one-of-a-kind job is like, watch the YouTube video below and apply today.

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