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What to look for when inspecting a used baler for sale.

If you're in the market for a used baler, check our current inventory. You'll find a huge selection of farming equipment for sale at Ritchie Bros. onsite auctions and online at IronPlanet and Marketplace-E.

Before you inspect the machine that interests you, read our inspection tips for a general overview of what to look for when buying a used baler:

1. Check the serial number and odometer

Odometer of a used baler sold by Ritchie Bros.

The first process is verifying the serial number on the unit you are inspecting. Once you have obtained the proper serial number, you will be able to verify year, make, and model. Once you know this is the right type of baler for you, we may be able to provide the number of bales it has wrapped. These details are very important to know when buying used equipment.

2. Pay attention to baler details

Hitch of a baler

Whether you are interested in a round, square, or big square baler, the inspection will be similar. When inspecting a baler, examine the hitch for any wear or damage. Continue to examine the Power Take Off (PTO) drive shaft, and determine whether it is a 540, 1000, or big 1000 PTO. Make sure the tractor you plan on using on the unit has adequate power to run the machine safely and possesses the correct hookups.

Overall condition of a used baler

The pick-up is the next part of the baler to examine. Check the type and overall condition of the pick-up to verify the unit is functioning properly. Proceed to open the side shields and check the belts and hydraulic hoses for wear and tear.

Ejector of the baler

Verify the type of ejector the baler has and ensure all moving parts are functioning properly. Continue your inspection by checking the unit for missing shields, dents or worn areas that can affect the functionality of the unit.

3. Undercarriage and suspension

Undercarriage of a used bailer sold by Ritchie Bros.

Finally, check the tires, make, size and quality of tread. Make sure to view the rims for any cracks or deficiencies. These can be costly to replace and may need to be replaced before it is field-ready. While looking at the undercarriage, check the suspension and verify if it has steering axles.

4. Monitors

Balers typically come with a monitor, moisture tester, and other additional parts. At each auction site, these will be kept indoors. When inspecting, ask the main office where any additional parts and accessories might be located and to view them. It will be hard to test these devices, however, you will be able to see if the accessories have any damage to the screens or if they are missing.

5. Maintenance log and supporting documentation

We encourage sellers to supply maintenance logs, inspection lists, work orders and other supporting documents. Make sure to ask at the auction site for these documents. They provide valuable insight into how often and what types repairs were performed.

In most cases we will be able to give you the owners information to allow you to contact them and get more details if needed.

If you're interested in buying farming equipment being sold in upcoming Ritchie Bros. onsite auctions, visit the auction site to test, inspect and compare different models before you bid. Or see what's available for sale on IronPlanet and Marketplace-E, including a large selection with IronClad Assurance Equipment Condition Certification.

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